Native American flutes and English flutes from the UK

Welcome to Second Voice, Native American style flutes, individually handmade in England using a wide range soft and hardwoods indigenous to the UK, as well as the finest traditional US woods.

And welcome to what I hope will start you, or help progress you, on your flute journey. From a strange sequence of unplanned events, I came to make my first Native American style cedar flute on Dartmoor in 2002 under the superb guidance of Nigel Shaw and Guillermo Martinez. With the first notes that I managed to produce from it, I immediately realised that I had been granted a precious gift. Making these haunting, melodic instruments has since then become a spiritual and practical life path, and a way of giving the trees whose wood I use a second voice. I make them for the joy of making them and for what they can give to the player and all those who hear them. All of this, including my work, philosophy and spirit as a flutemaker, is outlined in the Introduction page.

As I have developed as a flutemaker, so has the range of flutes I make. The flutes shown in the Galleries are a small selection and simply there as examples; you can choose whatever combination of characteristics you would like, as I handcraft each flute to the player and their hands. The Little Owl, Air Spirit and Sacred Spirit series all include ideal straight-forward first flutes, as well as more individual ones. Some of the most recent and expressive carved and crafted flutes are shown on the Custom and Gathering flute pages, while the Healing flute page shows how crystal and flute energies can be combined to provide a powerful source of spiritual relaxation, and how tuning at 432Hz can enhance this.

I make flutes for anyone and everyone, from novice players to professional recording artists, from private individuals to Reiki and Sound Therapy practitioners. So, whether you are already a flute player, a musician or a complete novice looking to expand musical horizons, someone looking for an easy-to-play instrument that sings to the soul, a collector of traditional instruments, or just a lover of art in wood, please feel free to browse and to make contact at any time, either for more information, to ask for a flute to be made, or just to talk about wooden flutes.

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Native American style and English flutes hand crafted at Second Voice Flutes

Latest news...

July 2021… At this present time, I still have the significant family commitment of an elderly parent whom I am carer for. While my health issues are slowly improving, I also still have composing and recording projects underway, so any flutemaking has, of necessity, to be fitted around these commitments. For these reasons, it is highly unlikely that I will be making any more flutes this year, if ever. Up to now, I have been able to make the flutes I choose in my own time and at my own pace; after 18 years of making, I have a good idea which flute woods and keys people mostly want, so I have concentrated on these and put them on a new Available flutes page on this website, available on a first come first served basis. Given my current circumstances, it is therefore best to check this page from time to time, and I will post news there of any upcoming flutes. I thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

The first of my CD albums incorporating my NA flutes The Sum of Parts is now on release.


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